Unique floral set ups for events, weddings, shoots.

At heart, we are wild, bloomy philosophers with a sharp vision and much passion for flowers.
From our Milan based studio we create floral set ups that we follow from the first sparks of inspiration to the final steps of making.

...We put a lot on emphasis on the planning...
Inspirational mood boards, customised graphic simulations of the project and our professional know how are the pillars of our floral installations and ambience scenography.
Together with our clients we reach high in imagination and build their event to remember, which may be opulent romantic, purely conceptual, freshly daring, classic, country, grand or petite.

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Our work is a continuous push that requires a curious eye and dedication.
Our individual journeys may have started in different places, occupations and moments in time, but brought us to the same state of mind.
White Pepper Studio is an energetic, professional and eclectic mix of personalities that share the same values for beauty, respect for nature, Zeitgeist and the care for little thing.



A former full time horseback rider, she moved into hospitality which then brought her into flower styling, where she could be her eclectic self. If she wouldn’t be a flower designer, she would be your best friend or interior decorator. With much love for people, seasonal flowers, and combination of patterns and colours she adds a beautiful aesthetic to each project.


German born but Italian by heart.
Found that food, love, friends and the magnificent nature was worth staying in this country.
Raised between Germany and Asia, she has always been curious about people, places and the little details of life.  
Travelling, studying communication and working in events was just the beginning. The beauty of working in flower styling is the story that each project, person, venue and time brings with it. 


Scenographer by passion and schooling, she is secretly a colourful engineer. Details and the story behind it move her; nature, architecture, le belle arte and much logical sense transform her creative ideas into technical reality.  Her mood boards and graphic simulations make you already live what's yet to come. 

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